Christmas Wreath

Colour Paradise has sponsored a Christmas Wreath auction for a number of years in support of the House of Friendship and groups in the region are invited to create and donate a wreath to the auction. This year the Kitchener Horticultural Society decided to submit a wreath and Al Shivas designed and created the wreath you see above. Most of the items that you see in his creation were collected from around the gardens while others were found nearby.

The petals on the daisies are pumpkin seeds that were spray painted and attached to Teasel and a nut was glued to the center. Al admits that the Dahlia was a purchase from Michaels but he says that the most difficult part of building this wreath was catching and wrestling those little BlueBirds to the ground.

We joined three other Horticultural Societies and many local groups in the Auction. This photo was taken at Colour Paradise. Looks pretty good doesn't it. Looks even better on the wall in our living room. Had to bid more than we've paid for a wreath before but it is well worth it. We are looking forward to participating again next year and to supporting the House of Friendship
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